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Degrees of freedom

This series explores the dynamics between human and AI creativity and has resulted in an iterative series of works with 'the chair' as a central motif. During the process I fed unfinished works to a generative image model (artificial intelligence). The freedom I gave the AI resulted in variations in outcome, from subtle nuances to radical changes, similar to the "Chinese whisper" effect. As the original image of 'the chair' transformed, I felt an increasing degree of freedom. This inspired me to experiment further with different painting techniques and canvas types. This series may represent a shift in our perception of meaning and creativity in art. The emphasis is not only on the artist's final works, but also on the process of collaboration and the discussion about the evolution of art in the age of artificial intelligence. 'Degrees of Freedom' was created in 2023, in synergy with Stabe Diffusion 1-4.

Swipes and Simulacra 

Exhibited at This Art Fair 2022, this series explores food and the way the design around this theme often refer to something that is no longer authentic. The paintings show how many elements in our environment are merely echoes of echoes (simulacra). Text swipes on mobile phones, where each word has a specific shape, act as openings between the layers of paint, disrupting the way we experience food and its symbolism. The swipe word is related to the topics depicted. I combine these flowing shapes, comparable to the wavy lines on a touchscreen, with the simulacra in my paintings. This gives the works a layered meaning and reflects my fascination with images, language and the experience of them.

Gerrit Rietveld Academy graduation work

This work often starts with recognizable elements, such as boats, houses, trees, legs, or everyday objects such as cups, bottles and magazines. These elements form the starting point, but they mainly serve as a springboard for my creative process. I use them as a basis, but in the end it's more about the painting itself than the original information. This allows me to draw inspiration from various sources, including external sources, my own database, other artworks and ideas from different people and media. My painting methods include tactics of liberating the image from information, being open to chance, and dissecting painting to form new creations. This creates a continuous process of innovation and change in my work.